Why I Still Love What I do After 20 Years in practice

passion prevention purpose May 15, 2023

This week we are celebrating something BIG at Nova Spinal Care. We opened our clinic in Bayers Lake 20 years ago. There is something about hitting the 20-year mark that means something to us - a milestone of sorts.


While running a practice and a business certainly has its challenges, I can honestly say I wake up every day and look forward to coming to work! I love the unique challenges that each day brings, and I really enjoy helping people solve problems. I’m amazed every single day at the power of the human body, and its ability to heal when given the right environment.


I will often say, I feel blessed to have found something that I am deeply passionate about because I think that is one of our purposes in life. I will often tell my kids you need to figure out how to help people and then go all in on that one skill. For us, early in our careers, we spent countless hours doing seminars and traveling North America trying to master our craft. I’ve had many mentors that have helped accelerate the learning curve, and we are still learning something new every single year.


My one major piece of advice still stands: take care of small issues before they become big ones. Our bodies often give us signs and signals that something is not right, yet we are constantly taught to ignore the root cause of that problem. We are in a “take this for that” society. Have a headache? Take this. Back pain? Take this. High blood pressure? Take this. We were initially taught in chiropractic school to dig deep to try and find the cause of the problem and I still feel that is the core of my thinking today.


Our daily lifestyle stressors are ultimately the things that are going to wear down her body. Since every person has a unique makeup and set of lifestyle stressors, the pursuit of optimal health will be slightly unique to each person. However, there are a set of principles and guidelines that will help reduce the load on our bodies, and if you stick to these principles, most of the time your body will respond willingly.


I’ve tried my best to document all of the tools and habits that I believe a person will need to achieve optimal health in my book coming out later this year. These are things that have helped our family stay incredibly healthy - with chiropractic care being at the core of our regime. They are also an accumulation of things that I want all of our patients to do in between their visits, and it was one of the main reasons I wanted to write the book.


I feel incredibly grateful and blessed to have worked with so many incredible patients over the last 20 years, and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust, your commitments, and your dedication to keeping yourself healthy.


Keep up the great work everyone and we will get through the next 20 years together!


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