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brunch low-carb recipes stick to your goals Apr 05, 2023

The great thing about celebratory meals is that they are not usually scheduled at the last minute.  This means that you have an opportunity to make goal-fulfilling choices beforehand or incorporate some of these suggestions: 

  • A couple of days prior, you should focus on making the best nutrition choices possible or if you are an experienced “faster”, you may want to do a fast or cleanse leading up to the meal.  
  • Drinking additional water, especially if you are consuming alcohol, will lessen the chance of dehydration.
  • Aiming to stop consuming food or alcohol 2-3 hours before bed will ensure you get a good night’s sleep.  
  • Walking outside or any moderate activity for 10 minutes after the meal will help with digestion and help stabilize glucose levels.  
  • Identifying what is Non-Negotiable - although the idea is to give yourself grace, it is important to have clarity on what you will NOT consume (e.g Pop/Juice). 



Brunch is a great way to celebrate Easter with friends and family and here are a few of our favourite menu items:

*Where appropriate, we have included the link to the recipe on our favourite websites.


Popular brunch choices are sausage, bacon and ham.  I strongly suggest that you choose the best options available to you for your protein (i.e. hormone-free, butcher-made sausage, from local farms).  If you want to prepare a full-glazed ham, there is a great recipe on my previous Easter blog that is linked here.

Farm-Fresh Eggs

Eggs can be poached, fried, scrambled or made into an omelette, but when managing multiple dishes for many people, these recipes may be helpful: 

Gluten-Free Arugula & Cremini Mushroom Quiche from COOKIE + kate

Keto Frittata with Fresh Spinach from Diet Doctor

You could also prepare devilled eggs ahead of time.  Not only are they delicious, but they will certainly add to the “wow” factor of your brunch offerings. Here is a recipe from Wholesome Yum.

Waffles & Pancakes

This is where you can incorporate “better than” choices into your menu for those living a low-carb lifestyle. There is a recipe for healthy breakfast pancakes on Nova Spinal Care’s instagram account or you may like to try a mix, like Farm Girl Vanilla Pancake & Waffle Mix available at Parks Health Shop.

Side Dishes

Adding a salad to your brunch offerings is an easy way to increase the nutritional value of your menu.  When you consume healthy fibre first it slows the digestion of any carbohydrates so incorporate some type of veggies before other foods.  Opting for homemade salad dressings will ensure the best oils are used (olive oil / avocado oil) and unnecessary sugar is reduced or removed.  The rule of thumb is three parts oil to one part acid (lemon or lime juice, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar).  Add some salt and pepper to taste along with any fresh/dried herbs or citrus zest and you have a delicious dressing that is good for you.  

Desserts and Sweeter Offerings

Fresh Berries / Fruit Tray Fresh fruit and berries presented on a tray with squares of 70% or higher dark chocolate is always a crowd pleaser and a great ending to a delicious brunch.  Remember to stick mainly with berries if you are trying to reduce the amount of carbs.

If you like to bake, you should try our team’s favourite Keto & Sugar Free Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing.  These are always a big hit at our gatherings.  Please note:  we recommend using Lakanto Monkfruit as the sweetener.  


Coffee, tea and water are traditional brunch beverages, but they don’t have to be basic.  You can offer herbal teas, make lattes and offer “fancy” water by adding frozen berries or citrus slices to your water pitcher. 

Another beverage that is a brunch tradition are Bloody Caesars.  These can be made with or without vodka, with a rim lined with celery salt.  Add lots of ice, 1 oz of vodka (if using), salt & pepper, shake of worcestershire to taste, shake of tabasco to taste and fill glass with Walter’s Caesars Mix



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